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Repeat Button: ‘Breaking The Illusion’ By Dan & Sam

How about we take it down a notch with this one Trance Family? Soothe Trance gets the Repeat Button hit this week as Dan & Sam‘s refreshing tune brings listeners to a higher state of relaxation.

Floating around the trance universe for a few months now, I discovered this swayingly lovely song on Dan & Sam’s guest mix for Jaytech‘s January podcast. This song was just recently released under one of Armada‘s latest mix CD, Max Graham Presents Cycles 4.

Originally released at the tail end of October on Silk Music, Dan & Sam’s musical expedition has been flowing about my head since I first heard it. Beginning with a tempting pin drop, ‘Breaking The Illusion’ brings listeners into the fold with an intro more relaxing than a full body massage from a Playboy model. The slight introduction to a heavier beat draws you into softly moving your body to the rhythm.

Out now: Max Graham presents Cycles, Vol. 4

A fading electric guitar sounding riff brings you back to consciousness, giving the song another element to satisfy true trance fans. Well placed tranquilizing piano groove? Why not? Nothing would go better with this melody than to be sitting on a beach, listening to the waves crash in, watching the dusk turn to night…

AHEM, I’m getting a little carried away after listening to this song for the 400-someth time. American Dan Sieg and Australian Sam Wilkinson have created a gem that premiered highly on Beatport’s trance lists upon its release. Rightfully so!

Growing as producers who first started producing from across the planet via Skype, Dan & Sam are positioning themselves to be premiere trance/progressive architects…and with tracks like ‘Breaking the Illusion’, some might say that they’re already there.

Now, time for a trance nap.

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