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Daft Punk Album To Debut In Australia

To the citizens of Wee Waa of New South Wales in Australia…we envy you! The French androids added another twist to the winding release of their Random Access Memories album by announce the early debut in the small Australian town of Wee Waa, as reported by the Australian paper The Courier.

The global launch will only include 4000 tickets to people who might be making their first trip to Wee Waa. The mayor of Narrabri Shire, the area in which Wee Waa resides, Mayor Conrad Bolton thought the “mate was pulling my leg” when he received a call from Sony Music in regards to this groundbreaking show.

The Collaborators: Todd Edwards

Though the Daft Punk duo is not reported to be showing at the event, the playback of the album is expected to take place May 17, three days prior to the official worldwide release.

The Wee Waa Showground will host the event for 4000 fans.

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