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Repeat Button: Blood Groove & Kikis’s “Without You”

As the lords of music smile upon us, we are greeted to pure happiness and positive thoughts through the creation of smooth trance duo Blood Groove & Kikis‘s latest flow, “Without You”.

2013 had a lot of great music, but I can guarantee that none of you heard anything like this prior to now. Uplifting heartbeats through your body, simulating that moment of falling completely into infatuation with another person (say, maybe during that one night Vegas last weekend?). It doesn’t matter if it was one night or one million, that feeling could exist almost entirely through the memory of that first moment. All you need to do to feel it again is press repeat.

Happiness doesn’t have a set formula to follow, which is how BG&K’s song captures the mood in a very uniquely intense way. Silence followed by striking melodies, as if you’re still dancing with that person while no one else is around. Just the two of you closing your eyes, feeling the music, feeling each other.

If you haven’t had one of those moments yet, don’t worry, because you will. I have the faith that everyone will. And trust me, once it happens, listen to the song again. A great song, turned inexpressibly amazing through the recollection of an inspiring moment in your life.

The vibe is currently being sold on Beatport, since November 26th in fact…so go buy it.

That person…that moment…they’re both out there waiting for you.

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