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Porter Robinson premieres music video for new album single “Lionhearted feat. Urban Cone”

At 21, Porter Robinson has already begun to revolutionize the electronic dance music scene with his inspiring, beautiful productions. With his “Worlds” album dropping August 12th, Porter Robinson graced us this week with a full release of his new album single “Lionhearted” featuring Swedish indie band, Urban Cone, along with a very colorful music video to accompany it.

With the release of this music video, it is definitely a perfect showcase of Porter’s new musical venture. The song itself provides a very retro, almost 80s feel to it that invokes nostalgic vibes for many. The music video concept coincides so perfectly with the track. It features Porter Robinson along with a Harajuku-style girl gang running around a city smashing buildings and everything in sight. What makes this video so captivating is the visual effects that appear as these objects are destroyed. Enormous buildings instantly become pixelated works of art. While this may be the third single we’ve heard from the highly-anticipated album, this is the first time we get to see the visual aspect of Robinson’s “Worlds” vision.

Robinson has admitted that he had become really pessimistic about the future of electronic music until he began working on “Worlds”. In his recent Reddit AMA, Robinson took to the internet to educate us on his recent shift from bangers to more band-oriented productions. “I wanted to stop writing music for DJs/clubs/etc and instead write more personal, songwriting-oriented stuff that focuses more on being beautiful and vast-sounding and nostalgic.” You can check out the cinematic music video below and be sure to grab “Worlds” once it hits all stores, August 12th.


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