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Epic-EDM-Weekend: Celebrating the 4th of July in Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada for the 4th of July was most definitely an EEDMW: EPIC ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC WEEKEND, as the nation celebrated our amazing country, coast-to-coast this previous weekend. With a short recovery from my fourth Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas trip getting back 10 days prior to, I found myself Vegas bound once again. After our road trip from ASU territory to the strip, my group and I quickly got ready, as it was already dark out, the city was lit and we were all so stoked to be in Vegas for the 4th of July.

While being guest listed at the Omnia the first night for Afrojack’s set was a good Friday night, it was barely a thing compared to the mind-blowingly incredible July 4th we all got to spend together, beginning at none other than the talented Dash Berlin’s set at the Marquee Las Vegas Dayclub pool party. Planning to meet our other group of friends there to catch Dash Berlin’s special Independence Day set, me followed by my other two friends, entered the pool party. After literally no more than just a minute of meandering through the dayclub’s lively crowd, I was approached by a man who worked for the Marquee. He had asked me what we were doing and I told him we were looking to meet up with our friends. Exchanging names in that club was even difficult due to the loud atmosphere causing me to incorrectly repeat my new friend’s name back at him as ‘Calvin’ or ‘Kelvin.’ So, he gives me his business card reading ‘Melvin’ on it and then offers for us all to come to his daybed. I looked back at my friends and they were all down to come – everyone on the same page. After maneuvering through the crowd following our new friend Melvin, the bottle service lady at our comp’d daybed table poured us three girls a round of vodka drinks, and we bounced and danced atop of our daybed waiting for Dash Berlin to take the stage.

After an enjoyable wait getting down to the opening DJ, Dash Berlin took the stage and gave the already turnt up, patriotic crowd, an incredible show that none of us will soon forget. A highlight of the set was when Dash Berlin dropped his new remix of “Take Me To Church” featuring Ellie Goulding, which has now just been released on his Soundcloud. As me and my friends were on top of the free table we had come up on at the Marquee, singing and dancing our hearts out, we all had a collective moment during Dash Berlin’s remix of ‘Don’t Look Down,’ during which, we recognized that this is what freedom feels like and how thankful we truly are to live the lives that we love so much, thanks to our founding fathers who had declared us a new INDEPENDENT nation over centuries ago. Between everyone’s red, white and blue pool gear, the fireworks popping off from the DJ booth and the musical freedom vibes all around us, the 4th of July for 2015 was most definitely an Epic Electronic Dance Music Weekend in Las Vegas.

Martin Garrix feat. Usher – Don’t Look Down (Dash Berlin Remix) [HQ]

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