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Wave Racer Talks About The “Future” Genre & Releases Wavey EP: ‘Flash Drive’

Wave Racer has remained a devoted figure in the future house genre and only continues to shine. Having signed to Australian imprint Future Classic – the same home as Flume, Chet Faker, Cashmere Cat and more, Wave Racer has just released his debut EP for the label, Flash Drive. Wave Racer has championed a wholly unique style, carving out a distinct niche in the future bass world. However, to typecast him to a singular genre would be disingenuous. Though his productions go between a wide range of sounds, “future” is the term most generally associated with his poppy style. Wave Racer himself says he doesn’t understand the association, but it’s hard to deny that there is something unique and refreshing about the “future” style. Here’s what he had to say in an interview with youredm.

When asked of his opinion on the term “future” and when he thinks this future sound will become present. he responded saying: “I’ve actually never really understood the use of the term “future” to describe my music or anyone else’s. I don’t think there is anything inherently “futuristic” about it. As I’ve said before – at its core, all the elements of my music are drawn from existing musical styles and influences, both old and new. So for me to call my music “future” would be disingenuous. I think one of the coolest and most interesting things about music culture is that we can watch it shift and evolve in real time, so for me it’s not really that exciting to think about “future” music or whatever is coming next, because whatever is happening currently is the most real and the most exciting thing. That’s the great thing about art in general – it is most often a response to whatever is happening in the artist’s world at the time of its creation. I guess you could say the same thing about music.”

After giving us a couple of previews in the form of the title track ‘Flash Drive‘ featuring B▲by, as well as an incredible collab with Lido ‘World Record’, Wave Racer has finally dropped the rest of his much awaited debut EP. The final two tracks on the record include a collaboration with good mates Cosmos Midnight titled ‘Introooo’, and finally a solo track called ‘Bubble Wrap’. It’s poppy, it’s cute and best of all its super wavey. Give Flash Drive a listen and see for yourself what you think of Wave Racer’s future sounds.

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