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Bijou Joins Dr. Fresch’s Prep School Recordings With a New Original Track “I’m A Dog”

Being a frequent staple at Monarch Theater in downtown Phoenix, as well as Relentless Beats shows in general, Ben Dorman, aka Bijou is a familiar face to the EDM community in the valley. Over the years at Monarch, this talented DJ has had the chance to open for popular house artists, such as Shiba San, Destructo, Justin Jay, and many others. Drawing inspiration from G-house legends Amine Edge and Dance, Bijou has been spending his time collaborating with similar style artists like Thee Cool Cats and Ryan Collins, producing tracks in the rising sub-genre Ghetto Tech, or G-Tech. Check out a banger track from the collaboration between all three.

Dorman was recently signed into Dr. Fresch’s record label: Prep School Recordings. After spending time mastering his crafts, Bijou seemed to have found his signature sound in his first track for Prep School, “I’m A Dog”. The seamless fusion between House and Trap gives the audience a hint of Dr. Fresch’s flavor; but this song is all Bijou because it’s not a mix between Trap and UK Garage or Bass House like Dr. Fresch or Ghastly, it’s a blend between Trap and G-House. Ghetto House received its name because it’s a house sub-genre that incorporates many elements from Hip-hop, making the fusion between Trap and Ghetto House seems almost effortless. Bijou had the right idea and brought the fusion to full potential in this new track, deserving his recognition.

Check out the new track and don’t miss out on his next live performance on February 26th as he will open for Shiba San at Shady Park in Tempe.

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