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Holy Shiba San, Batman: Eclectic French DJ Playing Set at Shady Park in Tempe

Looking for a new DJ to lose your marbles to next time you’re chugging that plastic handle of God knows what? Look no further, valley denizens – Shiba San will be making doing a special set at the semi-new eatery known as Shady Park. Shady Park is slowly becoming a joint known for not only its pizza, but its eclectic environment. This has not only caught the eye of ASU students, but also Tempe locals who appreciate its attention to detail and preserving the culture that downtown Tempe has amassed over the last decade. Shady Park not only features pizza and a “beer garden,” but good vibes and live music so you can chill with only your most potent alcoholic beverage and show your friends (and Shiba San) what you mean when you say “I’m fun, guys, and not like all those other girls!”

Jokes aside, “why should I listen to Shiba San,” you ask? Shiba San, while one of the more low-key DJs playing in the Tempe area, has swept up the EDM scene since 2014 and 2015, going into this year with more than enough riffs in his arsenal to keep the bass pumping and your ear-drums vibrating. In 2014, Shiba dropped “I Like Your Booty,” with that classic 2006 “hand-clap” production element that will bring millennials back a few years and remind them a little of what hip-hop used to mean in the early 00s. Don’t mistake his style, for while you may hear some 00s hip-hop elements in the back, Shiba makes an effort to put strong cymbal and bass riffs that will stay embroiled in your brain and will definitely help you remember specific licks that you can look up on your own time later.

Shiba San – Burn Like Fire

“Burns Like Fire,” one of his more recent drops, is a testament to the traditional EDM trend of repeat-phrasing and familiar bass trends that have been around since the late 90s house scene. While Shiba San definitely has his own trademark sounds, his usual sets consist of tunes that you can either drop at your latest bumping house party, or chill out with a nice Wine Wednesday over at your bud’s place. To make it clear, Shiba definitely wants you to be comfortable playing his tunes anywhere you go, no matter how many people appreciate the booty at any specific time.

As you can tell, Shiba San is definitely the ambiguous and mysterious French DJ you should start incorporating in your 2016 workout (or mental breakdown) playlist (depending on what kind of vibes life has been throwing at you that day). Come turn up on February 26th, 2016; Doors open at 9 PM, 21+ event, at the Shady Park in Tempe, Arizona. Beer will be flowing and beats will be pulsating!

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