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FORM Acrosanti: Creativity Flies at this Inspiring Festival

When it comes to insane festivals around the world, there is definitely never a shortage, but the FORM festival is an experience no festival-goer could ever imagine within their wildest dreams. FORM Arcosanti is hosted annually in Arcosanti, Arizona; relatively local, only 70 miles north of the greater Phoenix area in Arizona’s high desert. Arcosanti, “an ‘urban laboratory’ focused on innovative design, community, and environmental accountability, was built by 7000+ students in the early 70’s, under the direction of architect Paolo Soleri.” Skrillex, Hundred Waters, Bonobo and Four Tet are a few names of the huge list of artists set to perform at the 3-day festival. Catch the official trailer for this once in a lifetime experience.


While the entire festival is something most people could never imagine, the craziest part about all of it is how you plan on attending it! The 3-day festival is free to anyone who goes (RIGHT?!), but here’s the catch: you have to apply and be one of the 1,200 people they accept. The goal of making people apply to attend is so FORM can be more than your average festival; created in hopes of bringing together new ideas creatively among the attendees, through various performances, discussions, workshops, installations, and activities.  The application is a pretty generic form filled with personal questions as well as the project you plan to create if in attendance, but if it’s something you’re not into, you can also purchase the tickets online, however, they are going to cost you quite a bit.

If you’re looking to collaborate artistic ideas with some of the most innovative people of the time while being surrounded by artists as big as Skrillex, then this is definitely the place for you to be! The deadline to apply to attend this insane festival is April 1st, about a month away. You can find out more about the application as well as Arcosanti and the FORM Festival in the link down below.

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