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Relentless Beats Miami 2016: Deadmau5 Brings Mau5trap to Miami with the Mau5Hax Bus Tour

As Deadmau5‘s Mau5Hax Bus tour comes to a close, what better fashion to do it in than a Miami party immediately following Ultra Music Festival. Following what is sure to be a legendary hour and 20 minute set from the Mau5 at A State of Trance stage, the Mau5trap brand will head over to Treehouse Miami for an after-Ultra party featuring the likes of Attlas, Matt Lange, Rezz, and Deadmau5’s best friend Steve Duda.

The poster also bills a “surprise special gue5t” who I’m sure that we can all guess. Especially given the “5” in the word guest. I suppose that you won’t truly know however, unless you end up down at Treehouse following Ultra.

mau5hax bus tour miami

Another very real possibility from this show is, if Deadmau5 does indeed show up, himself and Steve Duda had a collaborative project a while back called BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). Could a special BSOD B2B set happen here? I mean, is there really a better place to do it than Miami immediately following the city’s largest electronic music festival? I’m truly not sure if there is.

Anyway, if you missed out on any of the other Mau5Hax tour stops and you didn’t have the pleasure of witnessing Mau5trap history at the State of Trance Stage, I think that its about time that you showed up to the party and experience what the progressive and tech sounds of Mau5trap are all about. Get your tickets to the final stop in Miami of the Mau5Hax Bus Tour here!!

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