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TomorrowWorld Delivers Emotional Aftermovie From 2015 Festival

Earlier this month, the news that TomorrowWorld would not be returning in the USA for 2016 was released. “Unfortunately in the current environment, it is not possible to give you the best and unique experience you deserve,” the festival stated. While TomorrowWorld 2015 had come to a controversial close, I still remember it as one of my favorite festivals I have ever been to – by far.

TomorrowWorld 2015 | Official Aftermovie

This heartbreaking news is supplemented by the release of the TomorrowWorld 2015 Official Aftermovie, documenting the craziness of the 3-day festival that took place in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia. Beginning with, “beautiful people of tomorrow, thank you for showing your love,” the video goes on to showcase live footage of the festival, as well as highlights from day 3 of the festival, which was shut down to all non-campers due to weather concerns and the resulting Mudfest. While the tumultuous weather of the 2015 TomorrowWorld has lead to the cancellation of TomorrowWorld 2016, it will be sorely missed by many and we can only hope to see the North-American off-shoot of Tomorrowland return to the United States in 2017.

After highlighting only the happiest and brightest moments of the weekend, the video ends by breaking into a scene of the rainfall that hit Chattahoochee Hills this past year. “Mother nature didn’t help us out this time. Guys, listen to me please. This is a piece of history that happened right here. So many people were happy tonight.” – Armin Van Buuren

Then it breaks into Steve Angello’s mainstage speech, “Wow… We got scared because it was raining so much, but NOTHING CAN STOP US!” He announces this just before the crowd erupts with cheers of happiness and freedom. “If you’re feeling happy TomorrowWorld, let me see your hands in the air!”

Here is my take on TomorrowWorld 2015:

This was my very first time going to TomorrowWorld, but not my first time camping at a festival. Being from Arizona, just about anywhere else I go I know that I’m going to be cold at night and need to prepare for that. While I was prepared to handle the cold, I was not prepared to handle the wet – and oh man, was I unprepared for that mud! After getting to DreamVille later than expected on Thursday night, it had already started to rain so you can imagine how much fun we had setting up our tent.

We quickly got the job done with the help of our neighbors and then made our way over to the Gathering, TomorrowWorld’s Thursday night party before the festival exclusive to all campers. The Gathering was absolutely LIT! Nobody there had a care in the world that it was raining, they just wanted to dance and enjoy the music. People who were as unprepared for the rain as we were bought ponchos and even used garbage bags as makeshift ponchos just so they could join the party. Tujamo absolutely killed it and seeing Black Tiger Sex Machine for the first time was such a treat! After getting tired out and as the rain picked up, people slowly retreated back to their tents.

Waking up Friday morning to MORE rain was a bit unnerving. The campgrounds were progressively getting muddier, but everyone went on with their pre-rave routines. Spirits were high, and it was at that point I realized that I needed to accept the fact that I am going to wet and dirty all weekend long. Once I did that, I was truly able to start enjoying the trip. We even left the campgrounds for a bit to make a trip to Walmart, which was being taken over by ravers scouring the entire store for supplies to withstand the rain and make our camping experiences just a little bit easier. The rain boots had already been scavenged through by the time we got there, so me and my friend got some really snazzy steal-toe boots that we could get as muddy as we wanted and ditch after the weekend’s festivities.

After our eventful trip to Wally-World, it was finally time to get ready for day 1. Choosing comfort over cuteness, I elected to not wear my standard rave clothes so I could fully enjoy the festival without the worry of being cold, and finally we were ready. Entering TomorrowWorld was literally like entering a new world. The festival grounds were insanely massive – so much bigger than I had expected! All 8 of this year’s new stages were very impressive, not to mention the mainstage that spent 2 years traveling here from Europe!

Friday night the House of Books stage was hosted by Shaq and playing exclusively trap, catching NGHTMREDotcom, and even Shaq under his moniker DJ Diesel. The rain continued to fall through the night and into Saturday morning. Waking up to many more mud puddles throughout the campsite, we prepared for another day of some dirty raving. Free ponchos were being handed out inside the festival, so of course we snagged a few. The weather reports gave us hope as it said the rain would stop from about 3:00 – 4:00pm, but then something magical happened. The rain seemed to stop all together besides a light mist at some points. Saturday ended up being a magical day at TomorrowWorld for everyone I knew, especially for me when Adventure Club literally took my breath away yet again.

On Sunday we woke up to news about the struggles of Saturday night after the festival had ended. It was awful seeing all the pictures of people stranded and my heart went out to them. We were given the news that only campers were able to attend day 3 of the festival, which made sense to me given the circumstances. Thinking about this further, I was actually excited about this turn of events because when else am I going to get to experience TomorrowWorld with a crowd half the normal size? Not to mention, the rain had finally come to a stop.

Festival organizers had done a ton of work getting the festival ready for all us DreamVille campers. There were wood-chips covered with hay over all of the mud, allowing people to step freely through the festival grounds without engulfing your feet in mud. While many questioned why they waited until day 3 to do this, it makes sense as the ground was able to absorb some of the moisture, and it would have been impossible to cover the festival on day 2 after the rain had stopped without shutting it down for a while.

The feeling that filled the festival on day 3 was quite different than the 2-days prior. Everyone who was there had survived camping in the rain together, and there was a sense of unity in the air because of it. I always say festival vibes are what makes a festival, and I can definitely attest to the fact that day 3 of TomorrowWorld by far had some of the best vibes out of any of the festivals I have been to.

After a long successful day 3, campers made their way back to camp to party with their friends all through the night. There were glowstick fights with literally 1,000’s of colorful glowsticks flying through the air, and dance parties all throughout the campgrounds. Never was DreamVille so LIVE as it was on night 3. As my friend and I walked through DreamVille there was an electric feeling that encompassed us all. There was a true celebration of life taking place and it was sure beauty.

While the comforts of a hotel may be nice, as I always say there is nothing like camping at a festival, and TomorrowWorld 2015 was no different. That sense of camaraderie where everyone around you is there to be happy, to celebrate and enjoy some good music is unmatchable. I also am a firm believer that you do not get the full TomorrowWorld experience if you are not camping in DreamVille.

To those festival attendees who were left stranded, my heart goes out to you. Your plight has not gone unheard and organizers of TomorrowWorld are heartbroken. If I had decided to stay at a hotel instead of in DreamVille I would have been in that same situation and I definitely could not imagine how awful it must have been. Because of my experience camping at other festivals and at TomorrowWorld, I highly recommend to all to consider camping next time they plan on attending a festival like this. Even though I am the least bit outdoorsy, I truly had one of the best weekends of my life because I was staying in DreamVille and got through the setbacks, making the best of the situation with positive vibes.

Most interestingly, at the end of the TomorrowWorld 2015 Official Aftermovie video the narrator says, “The key unlocked true happiness, and is now carried to its next destination where it will show its true power once again.” This could possibly be an indication that TomorrowWorld will be changing locations and returning elsewhere for the next installment! This is all speculation; however, we’ll just have to wait around to find out!

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