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Katy B Gears Up For Star-Studded April 29th Album Release Of “Honey”

For the last two years, Katy B has been part of the movement of female soprano vocalists who sing in that sugary-pop tone but put their work behind DJs and producers from inside and outside the dance and EDM world to fully flesh out the track and give it substance. It is no question that Katy B and her cohorts could be compared to famous collections of singer-songwriters huddled under respective producers over the past few decades (a la Phil Spector or Clive Davis) who accessed a trend, packaged it for the mainstream, and produced a collection of artists almost over night who follow certain parameters and make their brand fit like a puzzle piece to whatever genre they are trying to tap in to.

In Katy B’s case, it is going to be an entirely uphill battle to differentiate her from other popular female vocalists in 2016 that have latched themselves onto anything with a beat. While their names may sometimes be forgettable, Katy B is a representation of a segment of her genre that are forced to make themselves noticed in a music market that is becoming incredibly over-saturated with new talent.

Katy B, while releasing her first album in 2011 (On A Mission) and second in 2014 (Little Red), both albums were released to acclaim due to her “subtle, mature, electronic pop” sound that hasn’t made waves in innovation, but has steadily evolved with the current sounds of EDM and has kept her ear with the trends. It was announce in January that on April 29th, 2016, Katy B will be returning for her third full-length album in the prime of EDM, Honey, which will feature a slew of DJ and Producer brand-names that the United States has come to love; with names like Major Lazer, Kaytranada, and Wilkinson, our lady from across the pond will be attempting to connect a little more with her North American counterparts.  “I see the album as a multi-genre rave,” or so she described in a piece from DIY Mag; “Honey” is on its way to be the next club banger of 2016, not only in her home of the United Kingdom, but be sure to give our girl Katy B some good ol’ fashioned USA appreciation on April 29th when her album is slated to be released.

1. Katy B, x KAYTRANADA — ‘Honey’
2. Katy B x Major Lazer x Craig David — ‘Who Am I’
3. Katy B x Wilkinson x Stamina MC — ‘So Far Away’
4. Katy B x Sasha Keable x JD. Reid — ‘Chase Me’
5. Katy B x The HeavyTrackerz x J Hus x D Double E — ‘Lose Your Head’
6. Katy B x Chris Lorenzo — ‘I Wanna Be’
7. Katy B x Four Tet x Floating Points — ‘Calm Down’
8. Katy B x Mr. Mitch — ‘Heavy’
9. KDA ft Katy B – ‘Turn The Music Louder (Rumble)’
10. Katy B x Jamie Jones x Kate Simko — ‘Dark Delirium’
11. Katy B x MssingNo x Geeneus — ‘Water Rising’
12. Katy B x Hannah Wants — ‘Dreamers’
13. Katy B x Novelist x Geeneus— ‘Honey (Outro)’

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Sources: The Independent, Idolater, DIY Mag

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