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Spinnin’ Records Offers Free Download Of Bougenvilla’s “Sunshower”

On April 1st, 2016, Spinnin’ Records released an announcement that Dutch group Bougenvilla will be featuring a free download of their track, “Sunshower,” for the next two weeks as of that date. Bougenvilla (the band, not the plant) features two newcomers to the scene comprised of 23-year-old Shefida and 21-year-old Jeremy. Although they have been gaining a steady stream of followers on their Facebook and Soundcloud, this Dutch duo from Rotterdam has yet to make a splash overseas in the United States. Describing their self-styled melodies as “House, Future house, UK, Electronic dance music,” two different individuals audibly come together to make a hodgepodge of melodic masterpieces, with both Shefida and Jeremy displaying their unique differences of each other’s tastes, but also keeping their ideas in an listenable format that reminds us why they are a duo.

“Sunshower” is not a free download you should pass up, for although sometimes free non-album tracks can come off as experimental or schmaltzy, Bougenvilla’s track gets you straight in the face with a hook-shot of a track that fuses melodic rips with a calming drop that actually doesn’t appear to be as ‘in-your-face’ as the melody might seem. It is obvious that a lot of the Dutch duo’s work goes into developing a catchy melody as a foundation, with an incredible grasp of production at such an early stage in their career that makes it feel like you’re listening to a symphony of plastic sounds. Just like our other Dutch friends, Firebeatz, Bougenvilla sounds like they are going to have the ride of their lives as Netherlands-influenced acts seem to be thriving.

Be sure to get your free download from the official Spinnin’ Records website before time runs out!

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