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B-Side Weekly: “Go!” – M83 Featuring Mai Lan

In this week’s edition of B-Side Weekly, we are going to tackle a track from an album that is probably going to be our most recent track covered. As some of you readers may know, there was an article posted a few moons ago on the release of M83’s Junk album on RB (written by yours truly), which dropped on April 8th, 2016. Although being a little shy of a month old, M83’s “Junk” has already seen three singles that have faced release, with not as much fanfare surrounding it as the famous MTV “theme song,” Midnight City. None the less, the album has reached a level of critical acclaim, with my own point of view of the album hardly containing any filler.

M83 – Go! Feat Mai Lan (Audio)

Focusing on the second track of the album, “Go!” features possibly one of the most cross-genre production approaches to the song in the current climate of anything remotely electronic. Featuring vocals from on-again-off-again French vocalist, Mai Lin, the vocals are almost a side-note to what can be called an instrumentalist’s approach to anything electronic. While the piece does have its fair share of synth-love, every chorus is times with Mai Lin counting down from the number eight, that makes a listeners blood pump expecting a sick drop. Although the sick drop is never truly delivered in traditional form, M83 breaks out into this symphony mix of synths that mimic the back-melody of a strings section.

That is not to say that Mai Lin’s contribution has no use, for every time she sets up the chorus backed with elements you would expect from a run-of-the-mill DJ set, the production tears away every notion introducing the chorus with a sick guitar that gives your car the vibe of a block party. Finally, in the very last countdown, we are treated to a rarity: a full-length, high powered electric guitar solo placed at the resolution of the number brings that musical high to a crescendo as Mai Lin’s vocals come to a clarified solo peak for less than a second.

“Go!” is a song that mixes every best riff you have ever heard in a series of strange twists and turns that blow your expectations away for an artist in the realm of EDM. Regardless if “Midnight City” was your TV-soundtrack, check out “Go!” and “Junk” while it’s still fresh!

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Sources: New York Times

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