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DJ To Watch: Who is MALAA?

Who is MALAA? Well I can tell you one thing; when you have a breakout single that speaks for itself like “Notorious” your identity is simply irrelevant – there is no need to explain why you’re the DJ to Watch. Coming up this Memorial Day Weekend 2016, Relentless Beats has given dance music fans 4 fantastic reasons to stay in town:

1. Friday: Jack Beats, AC Slater, and Petey Clicks at The Pressroom – Phoenix, AZ
2. Saturday: Skrillex at Release Pool Party – Talking Stick Casino – Scottsdale, AZ
3. Sunday: Robin Schulz at Release Pool Party – Talking Stick Casino – Scottsdale, AZ
4. Sunday: Space Yacht Present MALAA at Monarch Theatre – Phoenix, AZ

Having just completed their Pardon My French Tour, this past April the mysterious masked producer joined DJ Snake, Tchami, and Mercer as they took over America. From trap to future house, the star power of these 4 artists combined is insane. In addition to the entire Who Is Malaa mix series, the first two original tracks by the masked musician, “Notorious” and “Fade” both were released on Tchami’s brand new label Confession, while incorporating some old-school hip-hop vibes with the house music of the future, much like MALAA’s “H + M” track – it’s all about the house music & it always has been!

Grab MALAA’s original tracks here below:

1. MALAA: “Notorious” – *FREE DOWNLOAD* :
2. MALAA: “Fade” – *FREE DOWNLOAD* :
3. MALAA: “Pregnant” – *Out NOW on iTunes* :

There has even been some speculation that MALAA could possibly be a collective of DJ’s producing the music together, but taking turns wearing the signature black ski mask while performing on stage. However, there is no visual evidence in the form of pictures to support this theory yet. Many believe that this is Tchami and DJ Snake’s side project. In July of last year, MALAA first caught our attention with the first episode of his brand new mix series: Who Is Malaa – which now has expanded to a full set of 11 mixes that you can groove to here below.

Most Recent Who is Malaa Mix Series Episode  —  Who is Malaa #11

There has been much recent debate over just who the identity of MALAA really is. For a new producer on the scene, it is extremely rare to start out already in the spotlight, especially receiving huge support from industry heavy-weight artists since day one, like Malaa has. Whomever this mysterious masked producer may be, it’s obvious that they’re without-a-doubt already established within the industry from before, could possibly be using MALAA as a new DJ moniker to rebrand themselves and create new, different styles of music, and lastly, after having joined the Pardon My French Squad on tour April 2016, it’s clear that they are highly connected to the Pardon My French Squad: Mercer, Tchami, and DJ Snake.

Apr16 Pardon my french banner

While it may seem as though it is the recent “trend” to reinvent yourself by creating a new DJ persona and brand image, masked elusive producer MALAA continues to drop track after track, while keeping his identity a mystery and leaving the world no steps closer to discovering the DJ behind the mask.

Today MALAA will be releasing yet another new part of his “Who Is Malaa” mix series. Like its predecessors, “Who Is MALAA #11” can be expected to give your ears that same incredible eargasm, just like the rest, as the mix gingerly weaves through auditory sensations of funky, yet intense bass-lines complemented by his signature future house vibes spread in and out, throughout the mix as it seamlessly leads a sonic journey, forcing your body to just keep dancing all night long.

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