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Manila Killa Debuts Original Single “All That’s Left” w/ Joni Fatora

Manila Killa’s opening line featured in his biography on Facebook reads: “I attempt to make music to make you feel things.” That cannot be a truer anecdote into the artist who has gained traction and attention from Billboard magazine with the release of his debut original single with vocalist Joni Fatora. While both names may not ring a familiar tune to your ears, both Killa and Fatora bring a chill, modern approach to the production of percussion, and an ambient tone set by Joni’s light vocals. The featured vocals may not be what some may call innovative, but each bell and whistle of the song adds a piece to the puzzle that makes it complete – in this case, Joni Fatora’s cool vocals being absent would take away from that windy-beach feeling you get when you’re on vacation.

With the May 2016 release of his debut single, it wouldn’t hurt to even take a look back at his not-so-distant remixing days. Listening to Manila Killa’s remix of Bearson’s “Pink Medicine” invokes the same style of production that Killa is going for in his lead single; sometimes an instrumental riff can speak louder than words, and in this case, the above anecdote offered in his Facebook biography has never rung so true for his unique brand of ambient production that could played at a weekday in the club or even just a kickback. Manila Killa’s style is hot in the coolest form, so keep a look out on this Manila, Philippines-turned USA DJ, because he is guaranteed to be making a sooner splash than you think.

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Sources: BillboardNest HQ

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