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Skrillex Defends Working With Justin Bieber and Loves It Too

So the other day Rolling Stone got to do a interview with none other than the god of EDM, Skrillex. While you think most people might ask about his work with Diplo as Jack U, or his history and upbringings, Rolling Stone about his work with Bieber. In fact it was the first series of questions they asked, and the ones I’ll focus on in this article.

Here is what Rolling Stones and Skrillex had to say:

Doesn’t Justin Bieber seem like the kind of kid who might have tried to beat you up in high school?

“I was a different kid, and, sure, I was harassed a little. But it wasn’t like I was a little bitch. I’d fight back!”

Well, I did say “tried.”

“I’ve always been just chameleoning around, just hanging out with different people. The hip-hop kids, the rock kids, the skaters and jocks and whoever else. I had fun with everybody.”

Deadmau5 claimed that you allowed yourself to be “used as a goddamn tool” by Biebs.

“If he was a real friend, he would come to me and be like, “Yo, you shouldn’t be working for Justin Bieber,” rather than blowing it up all over the Internet and going out of his way to make people feel wrong for making a choice in their life. And I would say to him, “I enjoy working with Justin Bieber!” I’m a fan of his voice. And if you’re a producer and you get an opportunity to work with someone who’s the biggest artist in the world – for better or for worse – what would you say? Would you say no?”

Skrillex and Diplo – “Where Are U Now” with Justin Bieber (Official Video)

I know Justin Bieber gets a lot of crap for being the kid he is, but in all honesty, the kid can sing and he just got roped into some stuff at a young age. Skrillex really takes aim at trying to promote their friendship and bring a more positive image to him and I think that’s admirable enough. So shoutout to Skrillex, keep being the homie you are.

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Source: Rolling Stone

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