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Scott Isbell & Adessi Step Out Of The Darkness With “Tonight”

Scott Isbell and Adessi are relatively young members of the music community, with both Isbell, 22, and Adessi, 19, clocking in their catchy yet extremely mature Soundcloud hit that spent a good amount of time on the Top 50 Charts for the genre listed as Dance/EDM. With both artists in the early stages of their career, one would expect an undeveloped dive in the genre, but “Tonight” is far from a Soundcloud flash-in-the-pan.

Reading into both artist’s Soundclouds, it’s no surprise to find material that is nonidentical when you pair a pop artist with a DJ/producer from the dance/EDM world; shockingly enough, when you dive into more of Isbell’s work, his style reflects a more singer-songwriter pop production styling that differs from what Adessi contributed to the track, featuring more politically charged songs that have gotten Isbell coverage as well. While Isbell’s vocals might blend in with male vocal talents of today, there is a sort of rough soul hidden in his voice among the production. Adessi’s contribution to the track as well puts not only a spotlight on the vocals of Scott Isbell, but is almost presenting his own work without overpowering his collaborator. 

What really tops the song as a sick house track are the Adessi-branded synths and drops that can only be absorbed with the classiest of headphones, and adds an incredible amount of beef to the song on terms of adding unexpected punctuation of synth and sound that diversify the mix. What shines in this track are not necessarily the chord progression of the vocal line, but the symbiosis in which the production from Adessi which adds a foil to Isbell’s vocals. With Scott Isbell’s unique vocal styling, you can tell from even a heavy EDM-tinged track that he wants to be noticed, and doesn’t seem afraid of taking that “chance” that many vocalists are afraid to take in favor of a versatile, yet smaller range.

While Isbell shines on this track with Adessi, his rough and husky delivery makes his voice unique enough to pick it out from the soundalikes, but simultaneously meld itself to either pop or dance styling. Aside from his obvious bravery of testing the limits of his voice, the vocalizations mentioned above that Isbell performs are handled perfectly by the production and doesn’t strike the listener as incredibly overwhelming. 

Another highlight of the track are the perfectly timed drops that don’t get in the way of the vocals, and although the styling follow normal genre conventions, Adessi’s style reflects a certain maturity that requires one to keep an ear to the radio at all times to gauge the trends, yet a style that is still being developed.

Take the time to check out Scott Isbell  and Adessi’s new track, “Tonight,” for a vocally captivating take on male vocals you would normally not expect from a house-influenced track, but also a preview of Adessi, whose sound could very easily place him as one of the next bigger splashes of the 2016 summer season in EDM.

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