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Have You Seen Meaux Green?

Have you seen Meaux Green in 2016? Aside from possessing an addictively catchy name that begs you to rhyme anything with the color green, this year has not only seen the expansion of trap, but Meaux Green is putting only his most Hip-hop heavy foot forward to show you why his brand of “Rave-Hop” has been long in the making. But trust us when we say, you aren’t going to find the likes of commonly-sampled Gangsta rap with only one lyrical goal: Meaux Green chooses the tracks he remixes and melds into new creations from only the cream of the creative crop. Remixing artists like A$AP Ferg, RiFF RAFF, and a slew of original audio that latches onto the movement of hip hop with very intelligent musical composition. Before you catch him at Gyspy Bar on July 29th, at 9:00 PM in Phoenix, check out his party remix of “Hood So Crazy” which takes Tech N9ne’s original track and gives it the detailed upgrade that only enhances Tech N9ne’s strong personality and musical stylings.

The instrumental as well as the drop to the track midway through laces 2Chainz’s lyrics with a bittersweet percussion roundup that mixes the best of hiphop and those booty-claps we love, but combining trap elements that definitely had thoughts of live performances hidden amongst the writing. His most recent remix in contrast to “Hood So Crazy” is actually a pretty relevant Yo Gotti track, which has taken a life on its own and combines very dirty synth effects that would make even the most expensive speaker rattle. While we may feel that rap is suffering from the “Future” syndrome where everyone seems to take on that similar rap delivery he is famous for, muddled mumbles and all, Meaux Green is changing the fabric by lining these lyrics with masterful production values that make you wonder, where has this guy been?

Luckily, as we all know in the Valley scene, the Trap genre has made its mark on the umbrella of electronic music, but has also given the opportunity for artists like Meaux Green to shine in the light of his contemporaries and paving his own way. Although he is scheduled to play the Gypsy Bar, Meaux Green possesses a sound that could only be heard at best in the biggest stadium you can book. You may get the idea that Green is about “pomp and circumstance” on terms of making big sounds into his production, but they aren’t just empty noise: this “trap hop” artist definitely has the guts and substance to make his mark.

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