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Major Lazer & Justin Bieber Don’t Fail to Deliver with New Track “Cold Water” ft. MØ

It’s been some time now since we’ve seen Justin Bieber get together with some of our favorite big time artists to work on a track together, but that spree has now been ended again. Bieber recently got together Major Lazer to bring us “Cold Water” which is the first track that we have seen Diplo (one third of Major Lazer) and Bieber on together since “Where Are U Now” . Additionally they’ve also added who was the vocalist featured on the infamous track “Lean On”. While Bieber does get a lot of heat for being the kid he is, I don’t think anyone can argue that his vocals aren’t well trained and extremely impressive as he once again showcases his talent on this wonderfully done track. To combine his smooth style with that of MØ’s and Major Lazer’s tropic feel gives us something that will hit us deep down in our feels.

Major Lazer – Cold Water (Feat. Justin Bieber & Mo) (Official Lyric Video)

The song starts out in typical Bieber fashion with a smooth jazz guitar laying down the chord progression and riff. Soon after the infamous tropical drum pattern that Major Lazer is so infinitely known for comes in and the song picks up. Bieber sings his heart out for you, telling you that he isn’t ever gonna let go and all the intensity is built up until the drop. As soon as everything releases the moombahton/tropical drum pattern comes in stronger than before and the trumpets start singing their triumphant chant assuring you that Bieber ain’t ever gonna let you go.

All in all it’s a solid track and I don’t think anyone could deny that or say it’s bad music. The instrumentation, vocalists, and structure of the song all provide to give us that great sounding Major Lazer we all love. If you haven’t already, give the track a listen and see what I’m talking about!

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