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RB Weekend Preview: Kill The Noise, Gabriel & Dresden, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, and Kristina Sky & Betsie Larkin

EDC has come and go, Fourth of July has come and go, but there are still so many good times to come forth because summer in total is only half way over! So what does that mean? Other than more sweltering heat and insane amounts of pool time, it means that Relentless Beats is still working as hard as ever to bring you some dope music. Not that we won’t stop when Summer is over, but with the time we have left we want to make sure we are putting you in the right direction to cool off and listen to some good vibes. This weekend we have a completely stacked line up like usual! Three days for your weekend four shows for you to go to! Let’s go ahead and get started and show y’all what good music we got for you this week.

Gabriel & Dresden – 7/8

Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden – better known as Gabriel & Dresden – boast one of the most impressive résumés in contemporary dance music, with over half a dozen #1 Billboard Dance chart hits to their credit, including remixes for Annie Lennox’s “Pavement Cracks“, Jewel’s “Intuition“, Sarah McLachlan’s “Fallen“, and “Me Against The Music” by Britney Spears featuring Madonna. Bringing a mixture of both trance and house, you could maybe say that this dynamic duo loves to really stir some deep emotion in the crowd. In fact, Dave Dresden from the duo will post mixes titled “Dave Dresden Gives You The Feels” so I’d say emotional dance music is maybe the genre if you could classify a genre for them. You wont want to miss these guys either because they’ve been doing their thing since about the 1980’s. Gabriel started writing music on synthesizers in 1981 and Dresden has been DJing for almost 20 years now at this point. Either way check out their playlist below because the combo of house and trance provide a unique characteristic that most people haven’t heard of before.

Sunnery James + Ryan Marciano – 7/9

Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano, two notable personalities with a single goal: to entertain as many people as possible with their deep and funky house sound. As a DJ duo, they are irresistible. Put them in a DJ booth together and instant interaction and chemistry is there, with an eye for the audience and an ear for each other. Effortlessly adapting to one another seems to be no problem for these two best friends and partners in crime. Their nickname is the Dutch Swedish House Mafia and that’s coming from Axwell himself, one of the members of SHM. They have their own radio show which they currently are on episode 75 and impressive feat for anyone who has ever put out a reoccurring mix. Check that out and some of their remixes below!

Kill The Noise – 7/9

He’s a legend right now in the industry and has been touring all around the place, killing every set he does. Not only is he a phenomenal DJ but he absolutely kills every single one of his productions. After channeling the influences of his youth through over a decades’ worth of forward­driven electronic releases (Roots, Kill Kill Kill, Black Magic), and charismatic live shows (Coachella, EDC, Lollapalooza, Hardfest), the name “Kill the Noise” has become synonymous with some of the leading acts in dance music. He recently just came out with the Occult Classic in late October of last year and six months after that released the massive Alt Classic, which had remixes of all of his songs by all of his favorite homies including Wuki, Snails, Rickyxsan, Virtual Riot and more. His name is Jake Stanczak and he is the man behind Kill The Noise and you definitely do not want to miss the highlight of this week’s RB Weekend Preview. Check out some of his music in the player below.

Kristina Sky and Betsie Larkin – 7/10

With records out on Armin Van Buuren’s Armada, Paul Van Dyk’s Vandit and U.S. mega-label Ultra, while holding a coveted residency with West Coast power-house promoter Giant, it’s easy to see why Kristina Sky is one of America’s brightest rising stars. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she’s been DJing to thousands of enthusiastic clubbers since 2002, coast-to-coast in the U.S. and around the world—from China to the Philippines, Ecuador to Guatemala and Canada to Costa Rica.

New York-based vocalist and songwriter Betsie Larkin was involved with rock music prior to making a dance music breakthrough on “Made of Love” and “Feel You,” two songs off Ferry Corsten‘s 2008 album Twice in a Blue Moon. In 2011, she also stepped out as a solo dance artist. She released her debut album, All We Have Is Now, which turned the tables and placed the producers — including some of her past collaborators — in the featured guest roles.

As per usual, ticket links should be in the title of each shows name so go ahead and click there and you should be good to go! Other than that have a fun and safe weekend everybody and I’ll see you on the dance floor!

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