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Shaun Frank Won’t Let You Get Away

Currently enjoying his explosive journey worldwide on The Getaway Tour, Shaun Frank has just released another magical number entitled “Let You Get Away.” The beautiful masterpiece released via Spinnin’ Records last week features vocals by Ashe, a singer from San Diego, CA. Shaun Frank has grown tremendously both as a songwriter and producer in this past year alone, having received co-writing credits with The Chainsmokers on “Closer,” which just hit double platinum, and now with a powerful lyrical track of Shaun Frank’s own accord “Let You Get Away.”

Shaun Frank – Let You Get Away (ft. Ashe) [Official Music Video]

Premiering on Billboard last Friday, the vocal processing of Ashe’s full-bodied vocal performance matches Frank’s clean, crisp and textured production, which is a staple of all his tracks in his latest “Let You Get Away.” The track’s beat finds a nice balance between an easy glide and an intense drop. The track not only showcases Shaun Frank’s production skills, but also is yet another beautiful representation of his strong songwriting skills, adding strong emotion to the song as Ashe sings lyrics like:

“Everyone says you’re hot, that you mean well, but you’re not a keeper.
But if I let you loose, I might look back at you and I’ll wonder.”

Believe it or not, the first label Frank was ever signed to was not a dance music label. He actually got his start playing in rock bands. The last band he was ever in before the Shaun Frank project began signed to Gene Simmons’ record label and toured with KISS. The band was called The Envy; however, Shaun had been signing and playing the drums and keys since he was thirteen. Sadly, things with the band ended poorly and the band was forced to disperse, leaving Shaun with nothing but a small time gig singing on dancing music tracks to get just enough cash to get by. Luckily, one of those actually turned out to be a No. 1 song in Spain, so Frank went on tour in Europe with Marien Baker to sing on his track live. Being on tour with a DJ was what made him realize that this was actually what he needed to be doing, and influenced him to finish up some ideas he had been playing around with on his laptop and create the Shaun Frank project.

The Getaway Tour

To see Shaun Frank on his worldwide tour: The Getaway Tour, grab your tickets here: 

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