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Seven Lions, Said The Sky, and Illenium Come Together For “Rush Over Me” ft. Haliene

Seven Lions, Illenium, and Said The Sky are all artists of similar styles and a collaboration including the three has been long awaited.

Today, they’ve released their project that has been previewed on the artists social medias and teased by Illenium at a show back in August. “Rush Over Me” with vocals from Haliene is finally here to be enjoyed in its entirety and it’s worth every bit of anticipation.

“Rush Over Me” showcases the skillsets of each artist on the track perfectly with Said The Sky’s piano skills, Seven Lions’ melodic dubstep, and Illenium’s dreamy drumlines.

Although some may have imagined how a track by these three may have sounded, the track is still completely mindblowing and proves the talent coming from each of it’s makers as well as Halienes beautiful voice singing “To say goodbye, I will give what’s left inside. So rush over me one more time.”

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