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4 Reasons You Want to be Part of #SEAFOXNATION

Galantis is a Swedish duo composed of Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw. After successful careers as individual artists the pair came together in 2007, but it wasn’t until 2012 that they really found their footing. Despite still being a relatively new, releasing their debut album in 2014, they’ve become a huge force in the industry. Their song “Runaway (U & I)” was the song of the summer in 2014 and helped this pair skyrocket to fame. From closing out EDC Las Vegas back to back years, headlining a tour, and hitting lineups across the world, Galantis has been working non-stop to continue building their brand and #seafoxnation!

The seafox has become a mascot of sorts for the group. The seafox is often customized for each song to match the vibe. It appears with them on stage during their performances, it’s the cover art for almost all their music, and a staple in their music videos as well.

1. Seafox Nation is A Family


I’ve been to a handful of Galantis shows now, and I must say the energy radiating through their crowds is some of the best I’ve experienced. You are never alone at a Galantis show. At any given time chances are there’s a hundred people surrounding you singing their hearts out, too. The Seafox has become a familiar face– where you see someone sporting the gear or a mask you know you have a friend. I leave every show having made a new connection with someone from the #seafoxnation family.

2. Happy Vibes, All The Time

Galantis & Hook N Sling – Love On Me (Official Video)

Galantis is known for their upbeat tracks. It’s hard to listen to their music and feel anything but happy. They don’t care if you’ve got ‘No Money’ or just need to ‘Runaway’; their music makes you tend to forget about your problems even if only for a brief moment in time. On top of fun beats and catchy lyrics, Galantis is also known for their colorful visuals and high-energy sets that have a way of consuming a crowd.

3. They Produce From The Heart

Although the duo has produced some chart toppers, they’ve said they’re not overly concerned about what will sound best in the club, or what beats will be most popular. Songwriting and Melody takes priority when Galantis is in the creation process. They typically begin on piano or guitar and build their songs from the ground up. When it ends up as a huge pop-electro hit you’d never imagine they begin in such a simple, wholesome place.

4. Galantis Has Mad Love For Their Fans


Galantis is always showing love to their fans. They support #Seafoxnation to the fullest, often sporting gear with the hashtag during their shows. Their instagram is flooding with photos and art from fans, and they’re active with their fans on twitter as well. They give their all at every show whether they’re playing a Vegas club or closing out a festival to make sure their fans have the best experience possible.

Galantis bring the high-energy and happy vibes to the Global Dance stage on November 19th! Get tickets here.

Connect with Galantis: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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