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Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy Podcast

There are DJs who can rock a party, a club, a festival. And there are acts that can write songs that will bring out the goose bumps in you. But there’s only one group that can do both: Above & Beyond. Even by their sky-high standards Above & Beyond are currently flying, well, above and beyond.

One of their biggest success they’ve seen as a group is their Group Therapy podcast which brings together viewers from all over the world for an hour of pure relaxing music to help you get through your day and to better places. In fact just about 2 months ago they had their 200th episode and had an event in Amsterdam to celebrate the occasion.

Don’t forget that Above & Beyond will be here April 8-9th at Phoenix Lights! Purchase tickets right here and furthermore, don’t forget to follow them on all social media accounts below to stay up to date with any new music or news they have to share!

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