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Artist Spotlight: Cedric Gervais Dominates Nightclubs Around the World

Cedric Gervais knew he had a love for music at a young age, and nothing stopped him from following his dreams as a kid. Cedric, who is originally from Marseilles, and raised in St Tropez, landed a residency at famed Papa Gaio club in St Tropez at age 14 where he played for crowds that he wasn’t old enough to party with.

Cedric then begged his father to drop out of school and pursue his dreams, and when his wish was granted and he spoke no english, he decided Paris wasn’t challenging him enough musically so he packed up and moved to Miami. This was at a time when an exciting movement within the club scene was happening in Miami. Big clubs were opening, the power of residencies were becoming ever more evident, and Cedric saw this opportunity and jumped right in.

It was then that Cedric began performing in more and more clubs, beginning his career as a huge star in the nightclub scene. He secured residencies at the best clubs and parties Miami had to offer such as Living Room, Nikki Beach, Crobar and Space. His first big break came in the form of ‘Spirit of my Life’ in 2006, and Pete Tong made it an Essential New Tune on his BBC Radio 1 show.

Two of Cedric’s most high profile club-residencies have been at Liv in Miami and Marquee in Las Vegas. Both of which are now home to his very own SHITSHOW!!! Parties. These events started at Liv and have grown to become a next-level clubbing experience. Along with his big residencies, Cedric has performed at huge nightclubs across the globe. I think its safe to say that Cedric Gervais has dominated nightclubs.

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