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Firepower Records Releases Flatline Compliation

Firepower Records has released their Flatline Compliation and it’s filthier than ever. Since its inception, the Flatline Compilation has featured the brightest and most diverse new talents emerging in the bass music world. Many of their featured artists have since moved on to land record deals with Firepower and find themselves on the world’s largest festival stages. Don’t be fooled—the names you see on the track list may be new, but one spin of the track and it’s clear these artists are wise beyond their years.

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First up is Zetta and Guillotine with “Encrypted” and it’s an absolute scorcher. The Track immediately sets a wicked tone with a sinister melody progression that builds into a well-developed drop that’ll make even most modest person lose control. The vocal sample also provides a sarcastic take on the love/hate relationship we all have with Soundcloud.

Next, Nanoo takes us on a trip through the cosmos with “Supernova”. With a hyped up beat structure pounding away at double the speed, the track offers DJs a way to diversify their sets while keeping audiences locked into the groove. Nanoo’s experience with Latin rhythms and melodies allows him to build classic dubstep synth soundscapes while also constructing a bass music masterpiece that is considerably more musical than other tracks of its kind.

We’ve seen some amazing work from 12th Hour recently, and we’re stoked to see a place on the Flatline Compilation to feature “Neon Smoke”. This track shows 12th Hour operating within his artistic sweet spot. His synth arrangements are punishing and relentless, and they seem to slice right to your core. He experiments with multiple beat structures, which all seem to coalesce together in the creation of this massive head banger.

Squaring out the Compilation is Twofold and Sudden Death’s “Dissolution” and it’s absolutely murderous. This track has one job, and it’s to dissolve minds into puddles on the dance floor. Long, multilayered, and sustained synth sections tear through the track. The track hits like a nuclear blast, and everything in its path blows right to pieces. Twofold and Sudden Death have successfully loaded this track with so much sound and force you may find it your perfect peak hour weapon.

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