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Major Lazer Confirms New Music to Ring in 2017!

As if Major Lazer needs any more proof or validation as to their influence in the music industry, they have just released the Anirudh Remix of their massive hit “Cold Water” featuring Justin Beiber and . This particular remix was made in honor of the Middle-Eastern holiday Diwali, which is an extravagant festival of lights celebrating the coming of autumn. The beautiful version of this well-known song can be heard below.

Pictured below, the highly recognized front man of Major Lazer also recently tweeted, in true “Diplo” fashion, a concise and straight-forward tweet about the new music we can expect from the illustrious trio by January of 2017.

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 9.42.55 AM

What a perfect way to ring in the new year! We expect their forthcoming album to really set the tone for the music industry in this new year. The highly anticipated follow-up to Peace Is The Mission, entitled Love Is The Weapon, features collaborations with popular artists such as The Weekend, Sia, and PARTYNEXTDOOR, so this assures for some prospective, feel-good hits such as they have offered their audience in the past.

We at Relentless Beats are certainly looking forward to Major Lazer‘s new project as we think it will provide for a much needed and desired freshening up of the music industry as a whole. Their always catchy beats and perfectly synthesized tracks undoubtedly propel the music industry forward as it’s supposed to be in our opinion. Their music is consistently “feel-good”, and there is a reason why their music continues to do just as well on the radio as it does on the dance floor. If we had to label it, we would label Major Lazer as “pop music with intention.”

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