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The Power of a Music Video in the World of Streaming

It’s been a long time since the days of music video reign and around the clock video streaming on MTV. Video killed the radio star, and then Spotify and Soundcloud killed the video– or has it? In July audio streaming passed music video streaming for the very first time. In fact, the amount of audio streaming more than doubled since last year, so how does the music video remain relevant in a world where streaming and playlists are becoming more popular than ever?

When we first hear a song, and all we have are lyrics and a beat,  we perceive the song a particular way– our own way. A music video has the ability to transform a song into something entirely different. It provides a visual representation of the story being told in the song. A music video allows fans to connect with an artist in personal ways, allowing them to see the artists intentions and interpretation, and often a new perspective of the song.

Kaskade x Deadmau5 feat. Skylar Grey “Beneath With Me”

Kaskade released this official music video to “Beneath With Me” with Deadmau5 and Skylar Grey  just  a month ago. It’s a perfect example of the power of a music video. When I first watched it I remember being moved by the imagery. The lyrics by themselves are chilling, but the video packs so much emotional power into this song, transforming the feel of it entirely. This particular video depicts a horrific car crash, which you may not have guessed based on lyrics alone. This video provides a new perspective on the song and reflects a different image, which is important. The music video currently has half a million plays.

A music video isn’t just for portraying emotion, it can also be used to take the viewer on a trip inside the mind of artists.

Getter – Head Splitter (Official Video)

Getter‘s “Head Splitter” video, or any of his videos really, can only be described as music videos on acid. They may not add any additional information or depth to the song, but this type of video has a different influence on the song altogether. We see Getter tearing up the town as neon colors and falling cheeseburgers start to take over. This type of music video is almost purely for entertainment and popular among fans because of the visual content. A vibrant video such as this draws in viewers. This video has almost 7.5 million views today.

Besides providing additional perspectives and entertainment, music videos can be used to establish a connection between artists and fans.

Zeds Dead & Oliver Heldens – You Know (Official Video)

Zeds Dead & Oliver Heldens video for “You Know” is an example of that.  Using clips from concerts, behind the scenes footage and shots of fans gives a sense of connection to the artist. When a song has little or no lyrics to analyze for meaning this type of video can be especially effective. This is something Oliver Heldens does in his videos often, sometimes less as an artist and more as an actor. The video currently has 12.5 million views.

Although music videos may not have the pull they once had, they’re certainly necessary to get the entire feel of a song. It’s truly a form of artistic expression that I wouldn’t expect to stop any time in the near future.

Source: Business Insider

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