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Thomas Jack Shows Us How To Live the Tropical Lifestyle

Thomas Jack has become know for his tropical house tunes. The Australian DJ has been credited with coining the term “tropical house” after he first used it in his online series of podcasts, which featured Felix Jaehn, Klingande, and Robin Schulz as just some of the guests. This sub-genre of house music is still fairly new, only having emerged mid-2013. The genre went mainstream in 2015 when Justin Bieber picked the style up for their track “What Do You Mean” and Kygo hit it big on the charts. That same year Thomas Jack launched his Tropical Express Tour, the first ever all tropical tour.

He’s hinted recently that he wants to expand his sound, making sure not to get put in any one box. He’s recently worked more with folk music while still maintaining the house vibes. Although he’s changing up his style, his carefree vibe remains. This year he started doing live shows, incorporating instruments into his performances. He says his new album incorporates blues, jazz, and African influences.


With his beachy golden locks, Hawaiian shirts and bare feet he fits right in amongst the beach-goers. He does more than just make summery tunes, though. Thomas Jack lives the life that the feeling of his music depicts. In between playing shows, he can be found relaxing by the water and sipping something delicious. He makes the most of his busy schedule by taking in the beauty and adventuring at each location.


Some may call him a perma-vacationer as he’s traveling the world doing the thing he loves. His Instagram features candids in Guatemala, Belize, and his native land of Australia. He’s a real-life  of example of the phrase “work hard, play harder”. We could all take a note from Thomas Jack’s tropical life.


Catch Thomas Jack when he takes the stage at Phoenix Lights on April 9, 2017! Get tickets here.

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