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YouTube Sensation Drops Viral The Weeknd x Stranger Things Mashup: “Stranger Boy”

A unknown internet mashup monster has beat all the producing princes and prodigies to the punch. Take The Weeknd’s mega hit “Starboy” featuring Daft Punk and mash it up with the theme song to the popular sci-fi Netflix series, Stranger Things… duh!

YouTuber Flipboitamidle5 uploaded his mashup cleverly titled “Stranger Boy” just one week ago, and has been buzzing around the electronic scene with 175,000 views. The song intertwines the suspenseful, eerie sound of the horror theme song and The Weeknd’s vocals to create a masterpiece.

Mashup: The Weeknd- Starboy x Survive- Stranger Things Theme Song by Flipboitamidle5

Although “Stranger Boy” is the only video uploaded to the mystery producer’s channel, he has another channel, Flipboitamidl3s,  where he’s constantly been uploading videos for the last three years. He also is active on his Tumblr, where he responds to fans and accepts requests.

The mashup monster, Ben, doesn’t reveal much about his identity on his many social media platforms, but definitely not Marshmello status. All that is disclosed is that he’s from China, CA. and definitely has a talent for mashing up mega hits. It’s surprising that his work is just now surfacing, but it’s safe to say Flipboitamidle5 will be to EDM as Justin Bieber was to pop; a YouTube sensation turned star.

Recently the “Stranger Boy” mastermind released a clean version of what might be his breakthrough track, and a killer mashup of the Chainsmokers’ “Closer” and Spandau Ballet’s “True.” Below is a video featured on Ben’s YouTube channel from two years ago that puts a face behind all of these banging beats.

Don’t be surprised if you see him on a billboard one day.

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