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7 New Year’s Resolutions For EDM Fans

It’s that time– the new year is here and everybody is determined to make it ‘their year’. That usually means setting a few resolutions. We’ve put together a list of resolutions that should make every festival-goers list to ensure you have the best year ever!

1. Listen To Something Different

New year, new music! 2017 is already proving to be a hot year for new music. Just weeks into the new year we already have new music from Herobust, Don Diablo, and Armin Van Buuren. We’re also expecting new albums from Odesza, Major Lazer, and maybe even Daft Punk?! There will be plenty to choose from, so check out something different this year and expand your music library!

2. Get Your Best Rave Booty!

We love it, we praise it, we all want to have it… it’s the rave booty! Hot festival temperatures often call for a lack of layers, so it’s time to start working on getting your best booty. Go on a hike, dance, just stay active and work those glutes!

3. Make New Friends

Festivals and shows are some of the best places to make new friends. Something about music connects us as people, and no doubt you’ll meet some of the best people here. Wander the crowd and make some new friends, or combine your rave fam with another to create one super squad, either way, you’ll meet cool people!


4. Find Your Rave Bae

Valentine’s Day Shows are just a month away, and what better time to find your rave bae? There’s something magical about going to a festival with that special someone. Not to mention the matching outfits and always having a dancing partner. Not ready to be tied down just yet? Find your rave bae in the form of a friend, you’ll have just as much fun!

5. Check Out A New Festival

The scene is always growing and expanding, creating a demand for more festivals along the way. In Arizona our scene is growing at a rapid pace so there are lots of options, but there are new festivals popping up all over the country, too, including Insomniac‘s brand new festival Middle Lands. Skip an old favorite and attend something new this year.


6. Pick Up A New Skill 

Maybe you’ve been wanting to learn how to shuffle, pick up a hoop, or even gloves. It’s a great way to express yourself and connect with others at shows. With festival season just around the corner, this is the perfect time to start practicing a new skill, or perfecting the one you already have!

7. Spread The Love & Positivity


Above all else, aim to spread love and positivity this year. Take the festival vibes home with you and spread that happiness around. That’s what it’s really about. Here’s to having the best year yet!

Photos: Tony Cottrell

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