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Deadmau5 Announces Another New Album!

You heard right! After just releasing his latest LP, W:/2016ALBUM/, Deadmau5 has announced another upcoming release on his official Twitter page. The mau5trap will officially be releasing stuff i used to do in February of this year. After W:/2016ALBUM/ received mixed reviews, mau5heads should be excited for this “new” set of work. While not technically new, the album will feature a list of remastered tracks that were originally released between the years 1997 to 2007. Having veered into the world techno and away from his original, more glitchy, sound, fans have come to expect a particular sound from him (i.e. 4×4=12 and Vexillology). However, fans will have something to look forward to, because stuff i used to do promises to bring back some of the mau5‘s classic sounds that we all know and love. Check out the album cover below.


We, personally, are looking forward to this wonderful treat from the man himself. We expect it to be a groovy one like the old days. We can’t wait!

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