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Arius is The Most Dynamic Duo Out There – Check Out Their Top 5 Videos to See Why

Matt Nguyen and Tessa Liz met 7 years ago at the very first EDC Las Vegas, but little did they know they would end up a killer dj duo, Arius. These two pretty much tackle it all within their crazy live performances and videos on their Facebook and on YouTube including finger drumming, singing, or dancing. To say they’re entertaining would be an understatement.

Before their careers in electronic music, Matt, who also goes by Dumbo, was a member of ‘Poreotics’ dance group, who were champions of the 5th season of America’s Best Dance Crew. Liz was a cocktail waitress at Marquee and Daylight in Las Vegas, serving the big time DJ’s. Little did they know that very soon, she would be taking the stage as well.

When combining their talents, Arius is a one man team. Matt produces the music and dances, and Tessa is the duo’s vocalist and performs their music live by finger drumming on launchpads. If you’ve never witnessed her finger drumming skills, you need to check out their videos, because I think she just might be the hottest finger drummer on the web.

Arius has all sorts of videos of themselves on their Facebook and YouTube of them doing each others hair, playing with their pet bird, you name it. But I wanted to feature their top five video’s with the most views, and after watching them I thin you’ll proceed to check the rest out on your own.

Best of Arius (Originals) Studio Sessions

Arius – Bass Down Low


Arius – Team Rocket (Headbanger Pikachu)

Excision & The Frim – X up ft Messinian (Arius Finger Drumming remix) #fingergangbang

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