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Dat New New: CloZee & Cristina Soto – ‘Ghost of Me’

Two divine names in music, CloZee and Cristina Soto, have combined their talented ways to give you their latest single, ‘Ghost of Me.’

Talented as all, CloZee grew up in France playing the guitar at a very young age. Later, she started her producing career at the age of 16. Today, her wild, ambitious style has no limits as her live performances throw you for a loop.

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As for Cristina, she also began her journey at age 16. The Interlochen Arts Academy Michigan is where Cristina first had experience singing. She toyed around with numerous genres, from folk to funk, but as electronic music continued to grow, Cristina had to have a hand in it.

‘Ghost of Me’ begins with Cristina’s soft, feminine vocals instantly grabbing your attention. From the beginning, her vocals connect with CloZee’s melodic sound. The intro continues to embellish with Cristina’s vocals leading the way, but as the tune goes on, it drops you in a repetitive, easy-going cradle of sound.

Even though the lyrics are delicate, CloZee’s production keeps you steadily afloat. About two minutes in, she switches up the pace as Cristina’s voice turns into background noise. The two have a mini-jam session, eventually winding things back down to conclude the tune.

Connect with CloZee: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud
Connect with Cristina Soto: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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