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Listen to Future Sounds by Apple Music

We all love being our own DJ’s. But sometimes, just sometimes, it’s nice to sit back and let someone else control the background music to your life for a while. Whether it be a mix, album, or playlist, a collection of songs can truly change your mood every few minutes. Apple music has expanded their platform a ton over the past year, always updating us on the newest and most popular releases. If you’re looking for fresh tracks to jam to, the Future Sounds playlist by Apple music is a highly recommended place to look.With everything from the newest of Louis the Child and Major Lazer to hits by Marian Hill and The xx. This playlist is versatile to say the least and perfect for any occasion.

Very frequently updated, all you need to do is press play (or shuffle) and have yourself carried through the best electronic music of this time. With every style of EDM, there are songs in here for everyone, no matter your preference. So, if you’re bored of replaying the same old playlist over and over again, and want something new for a change, check out this playlist to do the controlling!

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