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Tha Collective: Venture

Tha Collective are a series of house parties featuring west coasts finest selected by Phoenix rapper Yo$h.  Tha Collective does not only feature rap artists. During the first party, attendees were hit in the feels with the beautiful voice of Venture.

Venture – Diamonds

Meet Venture

Born on the tiny Island of Guam, Venture made her way to the states at age 3.  Beginning her American journey in Portland, she has always been keen to being in the spotlight.  Her move to Arizona in 2013 is what sparked her musical career.  During our interview, she stated, “When I moved her I figured nobody knows me here so I could do whatever I wanted.”  That boost in confidence and feeling of freedom is what has made Venture the rising star she is today.

Her first event took place at The Tzu in Tempe, Arizona. Making it an exclusive, music release, RSVP only event she generated hype about the show.  What she was expecting to be a small gathering turned into a 150+ attendee event.  From there, her career has blossomed.

Be yourself, it will get you places

She is more than a pretty face and a flawless voice.  She is a jack of all trades, creating her own graphics and visuals she finds inspiration within herself.  Expect more to come from this rising star, Tha Collective is one of many shows she will be featuring in for 2017.

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