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Top 8 Songs for Crush that Will Make Your Heart Swoon

If you’re like anything like me, you absolutely love a good love song. From heartbreak to happiness, anything you can belt out and groove to is good in your book. Here at 8 songs that will leave you feeling like nothing ever before!


Yellowclaw ft. Ayden- Till it Hurts

Let’s face it, the song “Till it Hurts” has to be a classic. The insanely good vocals by the beautiful Ayden paired with the jumpy & happy beats from Yellowclaw, makes you feel good inside and will have you dancing ALL night long. The lyrics seem all too familiar, telling a story of always wanting more in love and not caring about anything else. Plus, we all know it’s impossible to not belt out this song, especially in the car.

Yellow Claw – Til It Hurts ft. Ayden [Official Music Video]


GTA- Heartbeat

Heartbeat is a deep house, upbeat song that will leave you in more in love with GTA than you were before. The repetitive “you make my heart beat; you’ve got that feeling” makes for such a catchy song!! The simplicity of this song is what makes this song awesome because the beat behind it just enough by itself. The song getting slowed down at the end just makes it even better and will leave you wishing the song never ended.

GTA – Heartbeat


Yellowclaw ft. Rochelle- Shotgun

This song is just one of Yellowclaw’s classic songs. This song is a timeless heartbreak song, saying “I will never fall for your lies again, oh whoa oh, you shot me right in the de face with a shotgun… What you try to say doesn’t matter no more I hope that you’ll be gone soon I can’t take no more no”. The pain is obvious in this song but the lyrics and the heart wrenching lyrics by Rochelle makes you sing it loud and proud.

Yellow Claw ft Rochelle – Shotgun


GTA & What So Not- Feel It

GTA & What So Not do it again is this song that makes you extremely happy. Everyone knows that feeling…especially when you got someone beside your side! But this song brings out those feelings in everyone even if you’re single. This song starts with a slow intro, and progresses into strong, heartfelt lyrics with an upbeat chorus paired distorted bass. “I can’t forget about, the way you make me feel..”. The rap in this song just brings it into another level, being upbeat and with insane hip hop vibes. Listen to this song yourself to get to know the true magic!

GTA & What So Not – Feel It


Chris Lorenzo & Katy B- I Wanna Be

This is all for these deep house fans out there. This is a slow, groovy song that I could probably leave on repeat all night. The repetitive “I wanna be, I wanna be… I wanna be where you’re taking me higher” is an anthem to sing along to and remember the whole night. Let this song take you away at Crush!

Katy B, Chris Lorenzo – I Wanna Be


GTA ft. Sam Bruno- Red Lips

Not every love song is one for the girls! Red Lips is another simple but awesome song, and the lyrics make up for a “mystery girl” that guys always love and has mysterious voice throughout the song. “Don’t let her eyes confuse… red lips always lie…”.  These almost haunting lyrics combined with a heavy and deep drop has this song is on fire!

GTA – Red Lips feat. Sam Bruno (Official Music Video)


W&W- The One

This song starts out with a playful melody, building up into a more intense bridge, which sets up for subtle “I wanna know” lyrics. These lyrics behind the jumpy, cheerful dance anthem that anyone could get behind, makes for a top hit. The lyrics grow stronger throughout the song, asking “Tell me is it really love? I wanna know…”. This song will leave you with an intense, happy feeling that you won’t want to miss.

W&W – The One (Original Mix)


DVBBS- We Were Young

We Were Young is one of my favorites by DVBBS because it has a feeling that I can’t get over. Let’s be real- there’s no other better love than love between you and your squad. Friends have been there for you through the thick and thin and never let you down. The enchanting “we will never sleep will will stay up with our friends” lyrics will have you thinking about all the times you had with your best friends, and the insane beat with have you partying all night!

DVBBS – We Were Young (Official Music Video)


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