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Vince Staples Releases New Track and News About Upcoming Album

Vince Staples has put out an abundance of music during his three-year rise to prominence. Since 2014 he’s released two albums and an EP. He shows no signs of slowing down because earlier this week he released some new for the first time since his Prima Donna EP dropped last summer. “BagBak” is an upbeat track that features Vince Staples rapping over a gritty dub beat. It’s a different style for Staples and the lyrics have a blatant message about racial strife in America:

“Prison system broken, racial war commotion/Until the president get ashy, Vincent won’t be voting/We need Tamikas and Shaniquas in that Oval Office/Obama ain’t enough for me, we only getting started/The next Bill Gates can be on Section 8 up in the projects/So till they love my dark skin/Bitch, I’m going all in,”

This new song comes just days before his label verified a full-length album coming sometime this year. “BagBak” is just one of the tracks on what’s sure to be a dope album from the innovative star.

With a new album and a jam-packed tour, Vince Staples is off to a busy 2017. He’ll kick-off his six-week tour, The Life Aquatic Tour with Kilo Kish on February 24 in San Diego. He ends his tour on April 9 in Phoenix where he’ll be joining the stacked Phoenix Lights lineup. Don’t miss out, get tickets here.

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