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DJ To Watch: VOLAC

The Russian duo from Moscow, VOLAC is your DJ To Watch. The VOLAC project consists of two guys, Stas and Sasha, friends since childhood. They both started to love electronic dance music early on and tried producing tracks together. At first they were producing different kinds of music, then after two years drifted towards deep house, and later bass house, as well as g-house. But the VOLAC project started very simply; they had created a track one day with a ton of vocals, and when they went to save it they used the wrong two letters “L” & “C.” The track was saved as “Volac” instead of Vocal, but the duo loved the name and hence VOLAC was born.


Since then they’ve been very busy heating up the dance floor clubs of Brazil, in addition to producing music, with for different prestigious record labels, with the Do Ya Thing EP marking their second EP released via Night BassVOLAC also collaborates with Illusionize for my personal favorite VOLAC track, “In A Club.” As of late, the duo has chosen Riton‘s club favorite “Rinse & Repeat” to remix, VOLAC have made their latest work available as a free download. Their remix of “Rinse & Repeat” in addition to their is a tasty deep house banger, that’s turning up the party all over the world.

If you leave with me, you’ll be on ’til morn. Then we Rinse & Repeat and it just goes on…

Teaming up with a seasoned vet and legend within the dance music industry, just this week the Russian duo released their latest,a brand new collab with DESTRUCTO entitled “What I Got” – made available to fans as a free download. This super groovy flip of Fergie’s original will surely get the dance floor heated up. In “What I Got” DESTRUCTO reworks a recognizable sample from Fergie’s inescapable 2006 hit “Fergalicious,” into a fresh yet familiar warehouse ready setlist weapon. You can hear the influence of VOLAC on the track, with their signature style combining elements of deep house, bass house and g-house in their sound, keeping an energetic groove along with those deep basslines.

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