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New Autograf: “You Might Be” ft. Lils

If you find yourself feeling pretty emotional and heartbroken, but somehow dancing at the same time, you might be listening to Autograf‘s newest track.

The track, “You Might Be,” features vocals by the extremely talented Lils. It starts with light guitar, delicately placed snaps and quiet percussions, all supported by Lils romantic vocals that carry you on a trip back to the first time you fell in love. It’s romantic, heartfelt, and will definitely give you all the feels. Check it out below:

It feels like love
And it won’t be enough
But it feels like –
Like you might be the death of me

Yet another killer future-house inspired track by the Chicago trio that makes up Autograf. They never cease to push genre borders and mess with our emotions by providing down-tempo, romantic, yet bouncy music that’s perfect for just about any situation.

If you’re as in love with this track as I am, don’t miss the Autograf boys at Shady Park in Tempe on June 10. Get your tickets here!

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