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EDC Las Vegas 2017: The Good, The Bad, and the Sad

Electric Daisy Carnival is the Disneyland of music festivals; the entire experience takes you to another reality where the music and different sights change the world into an electronic wonderland. EDC celebrated its 21st year of existence this year, and throughout these years we have seen some amazing spectacles sprinkled with the few fails and other sad moments. This year we saw artists such as Rezz, Excision, Slander, Louis the Child, and other DJ’s drop live sets that kept people on their toes dancing into the sunrise with an energy that is only seen at EDC. But even with all the great artists and sets this year, we also saw the saddest set of EDC history. DJ Khaled was scheduled to go on the Kinetic Field stage at 12:10 am on Sunday the 18th but due to ‘technical difficulties,’ his set was delayed. By the time he went on the fans were rather disappointed with his constant trying to stop the music and make speeches. His set ended with the fans booing and chanting for Yellow Claw, the next performing act. It was truly unfortunate that this happened as DJ Khaled is an extremely talented producer with features from almost every act to hit the Billboard charts.

EDC 2017 Dj Khaled Disrespected (full video)

During this year’s EDC, we also saw Excision drop another bass heavy set that kept fans headbanging all throughout his set. Excision’s extreme bass was so powerful that it temporarily broke the Circuit Grounds sound during his iconic Robo Kitty drop. In no time, the Insomniac team brought back the sound and fans were back to dancing and headbanging into the night.

edc 2017 // Excision blows up edc (again)

Finally, my personal favorite act of the night was Slander’s set, the energy and ultimate destruction that they brought kept the crowd’s energy levels so high that it was euphoric. This duo has put a passion and fire into their set that captured my heart and whisked me away to another dimension where their music ruled. This duo is going to be an artist to watch as they continue to grow in fame and experience in the EDM world.

SLANDER Live @ EDC Las Vegas 2017 [HD]

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