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Insomniac Introduces Electric Daisy Carnival To Quantum Valley

It’s rare that an entirely new stage gets added into the Electric Daisy Carnival collection, but this year after a successful day dedicated to Dreamstate at the Circuit Grounds stage for EDC20, for 2017 Insomniac Events decided to bring it back bigger and better. You could feel the vibes of the #TranceFam crowd anytime you surfaced at the Circuit Grounds on Dreamstate day 3 of EDC 2016. A brand new stage called the Quantum Valley will be hosted by Dreamstate bringing 3 straight days of #TranceFam glory to the festival.

EDC Las Vegas 2017 – Dreamstate presents quantumVALLEY

To me, the Trance genre brings out a lot of the OG ravers. These are the ravers that incorporate the old PLURR vibes the most – Peace – Love – Unity – Respect and Responsibility; OG Ravers responsibly remember the second R in PLUR. Other than Techno, Trance is really one of the oldest genres of electronic music and is truly what this EDM movement has evolved out of.

A few artists worth highlighting that will be performing at Electric Daisy Carnival’s brand new Quantum Valley are Infected Mushroom, Gareth Emery, Paul Van Dyk, PureNRG and Astrix.

EDC 2017 Quantum Valley Lineup

  • Infected Mushroom is a classic duo that some may recognize as the godfathers of Psytrance. Psytrance is the darker, intense sub-genre of Trance music. Both of the DJs spin during their act while one jams on the keyboard, as the other struts the guitar, producing an unlimited amount of unique and authentic sounds. The fact that the majority of their shows now are a new project that is more of a heavy metal rock sound means that playing a DJ set is especially rare. so of course this is the act that they’re bringing with them to North America’s LARGEST dance music festival: Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas.
  • According to Billboards, Gareth Emery is currently topping the list at the best Trance DJ.He has even had a recent song on top of the billboards chart which in terms of a Trance artist that hasn’t happened in such a long time. Trance elitists may argue “Top Trance DJ,” at least according to the billboards. He has even had a recent song on top of the billboards chart which in terms of a Trance artist that hasn’t happened in such a long time. He’s an uplifting style of trance and his newer stuff is a bit more poppy, but simply because of his current global standing he’s a must see.
  • Paul Van Dyk is kind of like Gareth Emery in the way that a lot of Trance elitists would disagree, but in reality he has basically been single-handedly growing the Trance movement in the US. He was the lead act in a Dreamstate mini-tour around the US to find out which major cities draw the biggest Trance crowds; with the idea to expand the Dreamstate franchise. Paul Van Dyk is a legend in the Trance world as old as Armin Van Buren and Tiesto, but unlike his fellows dutch compatriots, he stuck with the Trance genre and has evolved over time from uplifting progressive to harder styles of Trance.
  • PureNRG (Solarstone + Giuseppe Ottaviani) – I don’t know much about either one individually, but together, these guys delightfully blend two different styles of Trance, one very melodic and the other made for fist-pumping. This duo project is a valuable addition to the Quantum Valley stage.
  • Astrix is a pioneer in the Psytrance sub-genre, and will definitely be a must-see set. My Trance-elitist friends that will, more than likely, be spending their entire EDC in the sea of good vibes flowing through the Quantum Valley swear by Astrix being, “by far the best storyteller of any DJ.” This to me is what can make the difference between a DJ and a talented producer. A storyteller can evoke an image, an emotion. His sets are where its at more than his songs. If you stay for the whole thing – and are sober enough to pay attention – Astrix takes you on a ride, and like any good Trance sets its like a roller coasters. Nice build ups and all out drops.

Trance music brings you to a full spectrum of emotions; it is about experiencing all of these emotions, from the feels, all the way to full-force fist-pumping, jumping, and head-banging. Because Trance can be an incredibly emotional genre, the #TranceFam is that group that you love like family and “gets it.” They will hug you when you cry, and jump with you when you completely go bananas; they want to share those thoughts and emotions with you. I would bet that you will find the most hugs, high-fives, kandi-trading, and PLURR vibes at the Quantum Valley.

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