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Check Out Trippy Turtle’s Newest Tune ‘Animal’

A wild Trippy Turtle has reappeared on my music feed and In honor, I remixed Mr. Brightside to kick off this story and it goes, “He’s been coming out of his shell and he’s been doing just fine he finally laid a new track down and called it ‘Animal’.” Yes that’s right, to kick off his upcoming EP he released “Animal” yesterday and it BUMPS. This track has it all: an engaging progression, the iconic bed squeak, and outrageous lyrics. We are beyond excited for Fofofadi records to release the rest of the EP out check out “Animal” right now!

Fofodai Records is a record label unlike any other. Norwegian producer, Lido, is the puppet master, creator, and soul of Trippy Turtle. This man single handily summoned the world’s most musically talented animals and together they create the FofoFadi foodchain. He’s basically Noah and festivals stages are his Ark. The family includes: Drippy Dolphin, Chacha Chimp, Faded Mr. Fox, Pretty Panda, Werkout Wolf, Baile Bear, Disco Duck, and of course the Trippiest of all Turtles. Debatably one of the best moments of EDCLV ’17 was when all of Fofodai took over the Circuit Grounds stage for a rare moment in music. This Turtle and his furry friends are makin’ moves and we can’t wait for the EP to drop.

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