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DJ to Watch: EPROM

Ever since electronic music came around, it has continued to evolve incredibly over time. What started as your typical sixteen count base has turned into rapidly dynamic increments, cut and strewed, mixed and mashed into what creates the noises most recognized today.

One prime example of new generation electronic is EPROM. Organized chaos, experimental, or whatever you consider it to be, it surely is revolutionary in terms of dance music. Plus, the underlying bass elements are familiar to the ear, attracting bass heads with such components.

So with his deep and peculiar sound, EPROM has naturally separated himself from the average bass musician. Realistically, hippie bass is a common term for the prorated rhythms, but such a noise cannot be restricted to even your most unnecessary of sub genres.

As one can guess from taking even just a quick listen, his live performances must bring out the real kooky folks. This summer, Eprom has hit up major festivals in various parts of the States. Middlelands, Electric Forest, and Infrasound are just to name a few. Also, coming up this weekend G Jones and EPROM are kicking off their back to back tour with a showcase at an official Lollapalooza after party in The Windy City.


On Thursday, September 21, join us for G Jones B2B Eprom at the Crescent Ballroom in downtown Phoenix. In addition to going back to back, the two will showcase individual performances. Realistically, this event is going to be one of the weirdest and wildest of the year, so be quick to purchase your tickets and join the event page.

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