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Troyboi Releases New Single ‘What You know’ Ahead of Debut Album

Trap master TroyBoi is a multi-talented producer and artist hailing from Britain. He’s established himself as one of the most unique and versatile artists in the realm of bass music. He’s also been one of the busiest artists of 2017 with sets at BUKU, Lightning In A Bottle, and Middle Lands in addition to making a ton of new tunes. The hip-hop icon from overseas has been preparing for the release of his debut album Left Is Right and to build hype and give fans a little taste of what to expect he’s released a new slammin’ single, “What You know.” Check it out below:


“What You Know” is the second single from the upcoming album following “Hooper” with Healthy Chili. The track builds slowly before transforming into a sinister, trapped out banger that features his signature synth work, chopped up vocal samples, and a heavy, grimey drop. “‘What You Know’ was created during a stage when I was submitting my music to a major label and would always get requests to commercialize my sound. This track is a reminder of my journey and confirmation that Left Is Right.”

In regards to the upcoming album, set to drop August 25th, TroyBoi said, “Left Is Right represents taking the alternate route in multiple aspects; creating your own lane, but still achieving the end goal no matter the risks. My music is quite hard to place into one genre and is considered ‘left’ of center, but in my mind, it works and feels right.”

TroyBoi is bringing his Left Is Right tour to Phoenix on September 7th–don’t miss it. Grab tickets here.

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