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Check out Tchami’s ‘Ask Me Anything’ on Reddit

If you’ve ever scrolled through Google in the hopes of learning more about your new favorite artist or DJ, chances are high that you’ve encountered a Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’(AMA).  This forum gives musicians and public figures an opportunity to connect with their fans and answer questions that pertain to everything from their production tools to how they acquired their stage name. This facet of Reddit produces a wealth of knowledge and it’s always exiting when a DJ announces their participation.


If you are a Tchami fan, this past week probably felt like a perpetual Christmas morning: his Revelations EP dropped and now this…what a guy! On Sunday Evening Martin Bresso tweeted the picture above, inviting all his fans to join him on Reddit and ask all the scintillating questions that have accumulated since his career took off in 2013.  Check out the site below and get to know the Parisian Future House pioneer a little better. Enjoy and may the Tchami obsession deepen!

I am TCHAMI – AMA from electronicmusic

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