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DJ to Watch: Who is Malaa?

With house music making its way back at its best, Malaa has moved in to make a name for themselves. With such a skillful sound, it makes fans speculate how long Malaa has been at this. Since we don’t know who is under the mask, we’re all wondering the same thing. Who is Malaa?

Supposedly there have been some slip ups, but Malaa’s identity has not been confirmed. On the real though, what does it really matter? Malaa’s mixes have played on the fact that they’re unidentifiable, but speculators are convinced it’s either Tchami, DJ Snake, or someone closely related.

Either way, Malaa will be joining us for the first annual Goldrush Music Festival. Act fast and buy your tickets here before prices go up, and make sure to join the event page to stay up to date.

Connect with Malaa: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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