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Dr. Shiver Debuts Nostalgic Earworm, “Something”

Coming on the heels of Protocol Recordings with fresh blood on his horizon, Dr. Shiver recently made his debut on the imprint with complex melodies and a knowledge of true funk.

Although he may hold the titles of DJ, label manager, sound engineer, artist, and producer, Bruno Carlo Oggioni AKA Dr. Shiver didn’t originally start in the wonderful world of electronic music. Beginning his career in the classical scene, Shiver played piano with greats like BB KingPharrell Williams and Little Louie Vega until 2015 when he released his first remix of “You Got the Love,” a 1986 dance hit from Candi Staton & Doc M.C. which he managed to transform from the ground up.

Dr. Shiver – Candi Staton ft. Doc M.C. – You Got the Love (Official Remix)

While you may love the pulsing synths of his first remix, his new track, “Something,” offers a little bit of magic for the part of us that loves the pairing of synth and piano riffs. With Kazi on vocals giving the fast-paced instrumentals a run for their money, the catchy funk-reminiscent guitar riff creates a contemporary Nu-Disco-meets-house that catches the eye of even the strictest purist.

Dr. Shiver ft. Kazi – Something

This track really represents every one of my artistic sides,” says Dr. Shiver. “As a pianist and hammond player my origins are based in the blues, funky, soul and black music and in this tune you can really feel my musical background in every note, melody and chord progression.”

Check out his Protocol debut, “Something,” for some nostalgic vibes and some chill times. With support from our good friends like Nicky RomeroBenny BennassiTiestoDavid Guetta and Don Diablo, Dr. Shiver is definitely on to something and coming into his own style. If you happen to be state-side, keep a good internet-eye out for Dr. Shiver during the Protocol Showcase at the Amsterdam Dance Event on October 18th for something truly permeating.

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