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Get Through Hump Day with These Louis The Child’s ‘Love Is Alive’ Remixes

Just when you think you’re getting sick of a song, an arsenal of remixes get released and just like that you’re pulled back in. Last week Louis The Child released a playlist containing four fave and repost worthy remixes of one of their top hits, “Love Is Alive.” What was an already flawless track gets nip and tucked from the likes of Chet Porter, Savoy, Meaux Green and B-Sides, and Conro. The four new versions of the song have everything from synth substitutes, tempo changes, heavier bass lines and all around different vibes. The one thing does that stay the same throughout the playlist of new songs is the soft ethereal sound of Elohim’s vocals.

 As most of us know, music can only reach its full potential when it is enjoyed in its truest form, live on a big stage. Luckily enough for the Southwest, we are having Louis the Child returns to Arizona for the highly anticipated New Years celebration, Decadence AZ. This will be an event and set you won’t want to miss it. Grab tickets here.

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